Vinyl Cutter vs CricutVinyl Cutter vs Cricut

Vinyl Cutter vs Cricut | Which Cutter Works Better?

In the world of creating crafts, the use of cutting machines has eased up the work manifold. Vinyl fabrics are the media on which design printing of stickers, decal, and posters are done. Vinyl cutters are essential machines used for trimming Vinyl and other similar materials in a variety of shapes and letters. 

As you want to explore the ways the vinyl cutters operate, you will find them to be like, a simple printer connected to a computer through a cable.

Yes, vinyl cutters cut the shapes of the designs on the vinyl fabric with a software program and mediated through a computer. Cricut is one of the best electronically operated machines, which can cut designs and shapes from materials such as vinyl, paper, iron transfer, and card stock. With the Cricut, you can now do away with scissors and an Exacto knife.

What Does Vinyl Cutting Mean?

Vinyl cutting is a means of creating designs or a pattern with the help of software, which is then transferred to a vinyl-cutting machine, to produce the cutout. The vinyl cutter consists of blades for easy cutting of the vinyl.

Steps of Vinyl Cutting
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The Steps of Vinyl Cutting are Vinyl Cutter is:

  1. Create an image of your choice or find it from the website to make the sticker. The program you can use are Paint or Open Office Draw to make innovative designs in black and white. Save the images, you collect as a JPEG file or copy-paste in the Cutstudio program.
  2. Open the software program, Cutstudio. Import the picture or the image you want to use. By clicking the cursor on the right button, find the option Trace Image. By using the dialog box, adjust accurately by clicking the values. Click on the Move button. The outline of the image will be visible at the right side. Delete the image. Choose Properties by right clicking the browser on the picture. Before saving the file, you can adjust the size and place a round or oval box.
  3. How to load the vinyl: Now, load the vinyl fabric in the cutter machine. Adjust the vinyl to cover the LED sensor eyes located in the machine. The rollers of the machine also need positioning on the white lines. Otherwise, the machine will not work. Place pressure with the lever to hold the vinyl tightly between the pressure bar and the roller.
  4. See if the display says that the machine is loaded. . The readout will also show the position of the load.
  5. Next is to push the press button. This will allow the head of the cutter to move side by side with a simultaneous movement of the vinyl backward and forward. On completion of the cut of the design, it is time to remove the vinyl by using the arrow key. You can then use a blunt razor to take out the piece from the groove. The remaining vinyl piece can stay for your next design.

What Is A Vinyl Cutter?

A vinyl cutter is a computerized machine used for cutting vinyl into images, designs, shapes, and letters. The cutter machine is the size of a computer printer. A computer-mediated by a specific software operates the machine.

Vinyl Cutter vs Cricut

The blades of the machine can ‘die cut’ or ‘contour cut’ the design in the vinyl. The program is such that the blades cut the decals or stickers around the edges of the design quite fast. The vinyl fabric has adhesive at the back, allowing the stockers to stick easily on any surface.

The versatility of the vinyl cutters is indispensable to cutting labels, stickers, signs, stencils, decals, origami, and a lot more. You can use the vinyl cutter to emboss, etch, draw, and scan.

The Software

The software is crucial in improving and creating design and quality cuts. The software in popular use are

  • AutoCAD
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CorelDraw


A Cricut is a sophisticated electronic machine that does multiple jobs. It not only cuts but writes and scores. The machine comprises scoring tool, pen, blades, or rotary cutters. It can cut vinyl, card stock, transfer paper, and even leather and wood.  

The Cricut has replaced the scissor and X-Acto knife with efficiency, precision, and speed in the cutting items of DIY projects and large businesses.

Kinds of Cricut Machines

Currently, there are three kinds of Cricut machines available in the market. They are

  • Cricut Explore Air 2—the best selling
  • Cricut Maker—-cut a large number of materials
  • Cricut joy—latest, small and portable

How Does a Cricut Work?

The Cricut machine is as easy to use as a household printer. Instead of using paper to print out designs, the Cricut uses movable blades to cut the design out of paper or other materials, like vinyl.

  • Produce a design with the help of the Cricut software.
  • Send the design to the machine via Bluetooth or USB.
  • As it registers receipt of the design, the Cricut cuts the design with precision.
  • Push the button to cut.
  • After cutting, remove the design.

Vinyl Cutter vs Cricut

Which is the Best Cricut Machine for Beginners?

The most appreciated and convenient Cricut for beginners is the Cricut Explore 2. It is also price within reach of a low-budget customer. The popularity is because of the efficiency of the machine cut over 100 materials. Besides cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on, it can cut cork, glitter paper, and bonded fabric. With medium speed, the Cricut Explore 2 is easy to use for a beginner.

Cricut Machine for Beginners


Now that you have narrated all about a vinyl cutter vs Cricut, you will have the confidence to lay hands on the best machine. The vinyl cutters will also help you self-learn from creating your design to cutting and using them in your DIY projects.

Working with vinyl cutters to create deals, stickers, or posters for your college project can be fun. The software and the efficiency of the vinyl-cutting machine will make you an expert in no time.

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