Printer Support Services

Services We Provide

Tech Support in Installation Process:

remotely provide step by step assistance to setup a new printer by diagnosing the issue in the printer or computer, providing missing drivers, fixing printer issues, fix corrupt services and missing computer files. help installing the firmware for better performance.

Tech Support in connectivity problems:

help getting the printer connected with any windows or mac computer or a mobile device on the same network for wireless printing or the USB cable. fixing computer and printer issues for uninterrupted and hassle free printing. share printer on a network,

Tech Support in Configuration of printers:

Help getting a new printer setup by providing step by step assistance, help diagnosing and fixing the error codes on the printer or the computer. fixing slow wifi printing. fix Printer Offline issue. fix print spooler services.

Tech Support in Handling cartridge related issues:

Step by step assistance in getting the new or refilled cartridges installed properly for flawless printing. Fix new cartridge low ink issue. fix printhead issues.

Tech Support in Addressing unexpected printer output:

Diagnosing and fix the issue of printer not printing the desired page. fix printer printing on start-up.

Tech Support in Other printer related issues:

help fix Paper Jam Issue, fix printer could not be found issue, fix fax issue, diagnose and fix printer not scanning.

Tech Support in Cartridges alignment Of Printer:

step by step help in aligning the ink cartridges to obtain the best possible printing performance as a final step in setting up your product or when installing a new cartridge or when the ink does not line up on the printed page.

Tech Support in Drivers/Software upgrades of Printers:

Help update old printer drivers and computer software for quick and hassle free printing. fix software conflicting with the printing.