How To Sharpen A Paper Cutter

How To Sharpen A Paper Cutter [Easy Method]

Though the world depends on digital documents mostly, there is still the need for papers. So, there is also the necessity of machinery that handles papers. You must need a paper cutter or paper shredder to eradicate excess papers or confidential documents. In personal papers, they must be appropriately destroyed. Otherwise, it will be the question of the lack of security.

When you use a paper cutter, the cutter’s blade will be dull after using it for a couple of weeks. Then you have to sharpen it correctly. The wisest idea is to sharpen the blade at a regular interval. So, you have to learn how to sharpen a paper cutter at home. Know the instruction and then cut the blade edge to sharp it carefully.

How To Sharpen A Paper Cutter

Do you have to know when your paper cutter needs to sharpen? You should check the blade and understand at first if the blade is dull enough.

Check The Dullness Of The Blade

At the beginning of the dullness of the blade, it starts to bend slightly. If you begin to sharp the bent blade, it will create rough and uneven edges. So, you should not be sharp when the blade only bent a little. You can go for honing the blade. Make it straight as much as you can by honing it.

How To Sharpen A Paper Cutter

You can whisk the blade at the side of the sharpening steel. Do not cut the blade. Another trick to honing your blade is to cut the aluminum foil. It will also straighten the blade and make a thin edge.

When you find that only honing does not sharpen the cutter blade, you can be sure that the blade is dull enough and need to sharp.

Preparation of the Blade Before Cutting

Before cutting the blade, you have to remove it from the paper cutter. The edge remains locked by the bolts at the center. Remove the bolts from the sides using a wrench at first. Then remove the center bolts. Thus remove the blade.

how to sharpen paper punches

There is no alternative to safety. You must handle the blade softly and securely. Though it is dull, it can harm or injure your hand in no time.

Paper Cutter Sharpening Processes

There is two paper cutter sharpening process at home. Follow the steps below and sharp your paper cutter easily.

Method-1: Using a Stone

Sharpening the paper cutter blade is like sharpening a knife. The difference is that the paper cutter has one beveled side while the other side is flat. So, pointing to only one side is enough.

Step-1:Collect a large stone so that you can draw the stone to the entire blade at once. The stone should be 1000 grit or more in size.

how to sharpen a paper cutter with a stone

Step-2: To sharp the blade finely, you have to ground the edge at a precise angle every time. It is hard to do by hand. You can use an adjustable jig to keep the balance while drawing the stone to the blade. Keep stroking the rock until it gets sharp enough to cut. At last, you have to hone another side of the blade to remove the burr.

Now your blade is ready to cut your paper. Install the edge to the cutter correctly and start to use it again.

Method-2: Using a Bench Grinder

You can buy a grinding machine to sharp your paper cutter blade and quickly sharpen it. This provides a faster sharpening option. Extra care is a must while handling this method because it is pretty risky when it rotates fast. There is a possibility of misplacement of the grinder angle. But the grind wheels turn at a higher speed and sharp faster.

How To Sharpen a Paper Cutter with Using a Bench Grinder

If you do not want to spend your money purchasing the blade grinder, you can buy the hand-held bench grinder sharpening tool at a low cost. The hand-held rotary cutter device reduces the chance of making mistakes or misplacements.

Step-1:Take protective measures before using the bench grinder. Wear protective goggles so that your eyes stay safe from the sparks.

Step-2: You should choose the higher grit-sized grinder to sharpen the blade. Now, repeat grinding till it becomes sharp enough to feel while touching.

Sharpening the blade is complete when it is shiny. You can test if it is sharp enough by cutting something by it. When it is ready, install the edge to the cutter machine.

Sharpening by Expert

If you can afford it, you can sharpen your cutter blade with an expert. These professional experts are available even in a small town. You will find many hardware stores where sharpening experts and tools are present.

How To Sharpen A Paper Cutter

After sharpening the blade, attach it to the mount of the cutter. Correctly screw all the bolts in the right place.

Tips to Sharpening the Paper Cutter Blade

Sharpening at home is an easy task. You should take every possible measure to stay safe and do the job securely.

  • Without knowing correctly to remove the cutter’s blade and installing the sharp blade to the edge, you should not do it. Know the steps properly at first from the manual or an expert.
  • Do not sharpen both sides of the cutter. Sharp the beveled side.
  • You have to hold the blade at the right angle during sharpening. Holding it correctly does the work perfectly.
  • Try to put the same pressure each time you draw the sharper to the blade.
  • Keep the replacement blade so that you do not have to rush to sharpen the blade, or you have to stop your daily job for the dull blade.


If you know how to sharpen a paper cutter blade at home, you can do it yourself easily. It is not a big deal though many of us think of this task as a hassle. Maybe, it will not seem very easy for the first time; then you will get used to it.

When you gain a little expertise, you may do the job with less care. Do not do it. Since it is about the sharp blade, be careful. Sharp the cutter blade and use it smoothly to destroy the secret documents.

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