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Where To Buy Transfer Paper For T Shirts

Have you noticed how dull the heat-pressed design on your t-shirt gets after a few washes? If you have, then it’s not the t-shirt to be blamed all the time. You may want to check if you are using the best transfer paper for heat press or not.

Guess what? Not all the transfer sheet you find on the market are worth it. Depending on the type of fabric or any surface you are working on, your paper should be altered. Again, there’s a matter of quality, as well.

Low-quality tracing will definitely end up in a temporary beauty, but it’s going to wash out anyway. So you better take your time finding the most suitable and high-quality product. That’s why we are here to help!

Top 5 Best Transfer Paper for T Shirts – Comparison Table

What To Look For Before You Buy Transfer Paper For T Shirts?

Well, before you hop in for the reviews, don’t be in a hurry. It’s always better to get some basic ideas on what constitutes a top-class printing sheet. Only then can you locate the best possible option you have!

Here are a few points you should keep in your mind before hitting the ‘Add to cart’ button!

i. Which Type of Fabric Are You Using?

You need to fix up which type of fabric you need to print your design on. If you are planning to design on light-colored fabric, you need to find transfer papers that are optimized for it.

The same goes for dark fabrics. You need to understand the sort of fabric and get your sheet accordingly.

best transfer paper for heat press

ii. Look for Larger Paper

It’s simple. The larger the sheet, the easier it is to draw and design on it. You can put on a large design on it, or you can have enough space to shape up a smaller one.

It’s possible that you are trying to get a design on the tracing, but the space limit can also limit your possibilities. So a larger one will always keep you on the safer side.

Where To Buy Transfer Paper for T Shirts

iii. A Versatile Paper Means a Lot

As for versatility, the transfer sheet should be able to work with any type of vinyl you use. The ability to use a range of vinyl type lets you work with greater freedom and increases the chance of producing a stand-out design on your t-shirt!

iv. Grid Patterns Can Save Your Day

Some papers come with grids to keep you focused. You can design with utmost precision and measurement with these. Your alignment will be perfect; your design will be perfect.

Try to get the one with grids on it.

best transfer paper for heat press


Top 10 Best Transfer Paper for T Shirts Reviews

We took our time to check and double-check most of the common printing sheets from the market. Finally, we ended up narrowing down the list to the top 10 products. Here’re the results!

1. JANDJPACKAGING Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV Bundle

It took us quite less of a time to place the JANDJPACKAGING HTV Bundle on top. We couldn’t help but admire all the stand-out features it comes with.

The bundle is packed with 16 different vibrant colors to color up your favorite fabric. Whatever you want to put your design on – bags, clothes, pillows, etc., just print on the papers and transfer!

It transmits a rich and vivid color on any surface, retaining the originality of the shade.

Unlike some of the ordinary products, the HTV Bundle comes with thick and stable sheets with excellent cutting applications. You can easily apply adhesives backed vinyl on the fabric you need, and you can see the brilliant result within minutes.

These tracings are quite smooth and easy to cut. You can cut out the exact shape you need for your design because of the silky smooth cut-through design of it.

Peel it effortlessly and separate from the carrier sheets to prepare it for a perfect application. Interestingly, you can rely on the excellent elasticity and durability of the sheet that allows it to be machine-washed and reused.


  • The pack comes with 16 vibrant colors
  • Super easy to cut and pee off
  • Easily gets transmitted to any fabric
  • These are machine washable
  • Best for DIY works and parties


  • It’s difficult to identify the cutting side of the papers

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2. YRYM HT 3 Pack PTFE Teflon Sheet

It’s great to use a Teflon sheet for your heat-transmitting task for its smoothness and durability. The YRYM HT 3 Pack is just the perfect match for this job.

This sheet is highly heat-resistant and can endure a temperature of up to 600 degrees. Meaning, you can transfer quite a long-lasting design from your paper to the fabrics.

Plus, it’s not going to stick and get messy while you heat press it. Its soft and tender, yet durable build-up lets it absorb most of the pressure without damaging.

You can easily wash the sheet after use and prepare it for another go – every single time! It resists water to a level that you can easily peel off anything sticky from it – like, glue, wax, etc.

This one is an excellent choice for those who like to work roughly. It’s not going to tear off, even if you are going tough on it. The 0.11 mm thick body lets it resist tear and scratch, unlike most of the options available.


  • Reusable and prevent damage
  • Washable and waterproof sheet
  • Easy to cut into any size you need
  • Super thick up to 0.11 mm thickness
  • Tear-resistant for long-term use


  • These sheets are not transparent

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3. Avery Printable T-Shirt Transfers

If you are into t-shirt printing, look no further! The Avery printable paper pack is the perfect choice you can make.

The Avery printing sheet is quite useful for those who are working with dark color fabrics. It syncs with the black shade of your t-shirt and converts it to a mesmerizing beauty with just a few heat press!

You need to have an inkjet printer to work with this one. It is specially designed to provide the best output with this printer. If you want to cut it out with craft-cutting machines, it’s going to fit quite conveniently!

Avery comes with a unique helping hand for designers. It offers a stand-alone feature of color shield technology that ensures that your design never fades away.

No matter how many times you are washing your clothes, the printer design will still be shining as new.


  • Can be printed on a wide range of items
  • Specially formulated to be used on dark fabric
  • Compatible with a wide variety of fabric
  • Comes with color shield technology
  • Free templates for designing through the website


  • The packaging lacks a good instruction manual

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4. PPD Inkjet Iron-On Dark T-Shirt Transfers Paper

The PPD Inkjet sheet is one of the best, if not the best, heat transfer paper for heat press. Why do we say that? Well, that’s because it is compatible with most of the inkjet printer brands!

No matter what type of fabric you are using, light or dark, these are going to work perfectly on both. You can let the designs shine on any colored t-shirt, bag, or pillow covers!

These traces are quite useful when it comes to heat pressing. Even if you don’t have a heat pressing machine, you can still use an iron for it. Just use the iron as a heat-pressing device, and get the same, excellent result.

Unlike most of the options, the sheets in this pack are going to last long. These are crack-proof and damage-repellent. Even if you are washing the clothes for the hundredth time, don’t expect the design to fade up!

In addition to these awesome plus-points, these traces are machine washable and water-resistant.


  • It works with both dark and light fabric
  • Works with all inkjet printer brands
  • Completely machine washable
  • Works well with home-use irons, as well
  • Includes a silicone sheet for faster transmission


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5. Jh-Best Crafts 12″ X 10′ Feet Roll Transfer Paper

If you are a serious designer, you know what difference can an inch make in designing. Interestingly, Jh-Best Roll considered gridding to be the most important feature.

The best transfer paper for heat press machine needs to have grids for precise and well-measured designs. That’s why Jh-Best 12X10 comes with Red-Grid square backing.

You can perfectly align traces while designing your project with utmost precision. It’s going to get easier for you to have the best printing possible. Again, you can save a lot of sheets that go wasted in trial and error.

This one is specially designed to work with a wide variety of adhesive vinyl. You have the freedom to use any of the vinyl types and start working right away!

Easily transmit your custom-made designs to a range of surfaces like t-shirts, bags, covers, glasses, stickers, even windows, and walls. It doesn’t matter where you are transmitting the print; it will be sticking on the surface quite attractively.


  • It comes with Red-Grid for precise measurement in design
  • Applicable for a range of surfaces
  • Works with nearly all types of vinyl
  • Easy to use and apply
  • The pack comes with an extra 4 feet of the sheet


  • It’s not translucent, so lighter colored vinyl could be difficult to be visible

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6. Craftopia Transfer Paper Tape Roll

Unlike cheap and poor quality printing traces, Craftopia comes with grid backing that lets you design with proper measurement. This premium-quality tracing roll works quite well, with most of the vinyl types available.

It comes with a 25 feet long roll of sheets, which is possibly one of the longest as we have seen.

Sign and craft makers who have used this product have given it an A-rating for its versatility and ease of use. It transmits design quickly and easily, making it one of the best choices for serious designers.

Having its ease of use and quick transferability, Craftopia is a good option for both beginners and experts. Specifically, if you are just kicking off your designing business, you may find it quite helpful!

This versatile paper can be used with all the indoor and outdoor adhesive vinyl types. No matter what sort of vinyl you are using, it’s going to work with the Craftopia paper smoothly!


  • Long roll up to 25 feet in measurement
  • Works with most of the vinyl types
  • Easy to use and quick to transmit
  • It comes with a grid backing for precise alignment
  • Useful for beginners


  • Bit stickier than peer products

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For those of you who have used products from Angel Craft, don’t need much of an introduction here. As when asked what is the best transfer paper for heat-press, Angel Crafts’ name needs to be there somewhere!

The 8 X 12 printing tracing from this maker, is of no exception.

Releasing the adhesive is noticeably easy and quick in this one. That’s because it is made of a rubber-based adhesive that triggers the release in a faster and easier manner.

If you are not willing to waste any time while you are working on your project, this is the ultimate choice you have. It’s fast, it’s convenient, it’s of good quality, as well.

As soon as you use it with vinyl, you can rest assured that there will be nothing sticky left to your annoyance.

Now stop guessing while you are designing on the sheet as the 8X12 printing trace comes with a clear side blue grid. You can measure the lines and angles precisely on the surface and come out with a masterpiece on your t-shirt!

Additionally, unlike the cheaper alternatives, this one doesn’t have a problem with air bubbles. So the smooth transition from the paper to your fabric is not a dream anymore!


  • It’s easier and quicker to release adhesive
  • Clear gridding for accurate measurement
  • Larger designing space
  • No air-bubble formation
  • Comes with a clear cut instruction manual


  • This one is a bit thicker to see through


For any serious designers, the Saral Graphite 12X 12 is an ideal choice. It is made from top-quality materials that ease it up to transfer top-class shades on your fabric.

This durable and long-lasting paper makes the transmission quite smooth and accurate. That’s why no matter what type of surface you are transferring the craft, there’s no chance of cracking or damage.

Before the final touch, you can go on rubbing the surface multiple times. You may need to change the sketches on it due to various reasons, and this special one lets you live the dream.

The removal from the surface is easier than removing a pencil sketch from a normal sheet. Designers should be on their feet in excitement for this by now!

This graphite edition of the product makes it a versatile one. It allows you to draw and decorate a wide range of items like fabric, metal, canvas, wood, and paper.


  • Made from high-quality material
  • Able to remove sketches
  • Graphite color for versatile use
  • Easy and fast transfer
  • Durable and thick for long-lasting impact


  • If you put a bit pressure on the surface, the graphite may come off

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9. Printers Jack Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

When you are looking for the best transfer paper for heat-press, you can’t possibly miss checking out what Printer Jack has for you. The Sublimation sheet from Printers Jack is simply an excellent product to have if you are into serious designing chores.

Whether you are planning to work on T-shirts, pillow covers, mugs, or bags, this one can be of great help.

The package comes with 100 pieces of tracing that measure around 8.3 X 11.7 inches. You can easily design some of the larger designs on it and print it out from inkjet printers.

If you are working with light-colored fabric the most, you are in luck! This one works at its best when you are using it on a light-colored one. It can seamlessly perform equally on polyester fabrics and polyester-coated substrates.

Having a transfer rate of 98%, you can understand what you are dealing with. This manages to engrave awesome and long-lasting imprints on anything you use.

The good news is, the ink that gets printed on the fabric or whatever surface you are using gets dried quickly. This adds to the convenience to a much greater level.


  • Comes with 100 sheets in the pack
  • Works great with light-colored fabric
  • Compatible with all inkjet printers
  • Ink dries up faster than other products
  • Very easy to use, even for beginners


  • The printer humidity needs adjustment according to the sheet’s condition

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As we have reached the bottom of our reviews on the best transfer paper to use with a heat press, we wrap it up with the versatile engraving sheet from Neenah.

This paper works the best on darker or colorful surfaces more than lighter ones. If you have darker fabrics or items to print on, this has to be on your cart!

It comes with an opaque layer which works as a catalyst for a hassle-free transmission of images. From now on, print anything on your t-shirt, pillow cover, school-bags, or any colorful surfaces – professional quality is on its way!

For t-shirt designs, it is actually one of the best we have seen. As it supports darker fabric like nothing else, it’s a wonderful choice for t-shirt designers. If you can manage to transfer images with white parts to dark fabrics, you are going to have a masterpiece before you!


  • 100% commercial-grade printing product
  • The package comes with 100 sheets
  • Works perfectly on darker fabrics
  • Transfers high-quality images
  • Compatible with most inkjet printers


  • The vinyl film is a bit thicker, which makes the garment a bit uncomfortable

Frequently Asked Questions On Transfer Paper For T Shirts

Q: Do all the papers work equally on dark and light-colored fabric?

Answer: No, for both of these types of fabric, you can find different ones. Use the correct type for the fabric for the best result.

Q: Can I use any printer for heat transfer paper?

Answer: Yes, you can use both inkjet and laser printer for this purpose.

Q: Can parchment be used as a transfer paper?

Answer: Yes, you can use it. This is an economical alternative for expensive ones but still works great for printing.

Q: Is the sublimation process better?

Answer: The sublimation process makes the ink a part of the fabric after the application, whereas the heat transfer paper puts a layer on it. Sublimation is arguably the better option as heat transfer one tends to crack upon rough use.

Q: Do I need to use a Teflon sheet for a heat press?

Answer: It’s better to use it if possible. A Teflon sheet will cover the design while being heat pressed. It will not stick, and vinyl will not get stuck to your press.

Final Words

As we round up our review for the best transfer paper for heat-press, we genuinely hope that you have found the ultimate choice of yours. Even if you are still dangling around to select one, do follow our buying guide to land on the right one.

Happy Crafting!

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