Best Paper For Screen Printing

Best Paper For Screen Printing

Statement shirts or personalized prints are a trend nowadays. Due to the innovative changes in technology, you can work on shirts, pillows, and more in just an hour; and this can be done using different techniques. Since a lot of people are interested in this stuff, it became a popular business for many. Perhaps, one of the excellent fabric printing techniques is silk screen printing. With this, you can create a replica of your desired image. It is not only long-lasting but also flexible enough to allow you to make different textures therein.

In this article, we have gathered some of the best papers for screen printing. This will help you choose the one that is ideal for you. Using any products from this list will permit you to produce amazing silkscreen prints that you can show off or market.

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Top 12 Best Paper for Screen Printing Reviews

We want to make things easier for you so we have collected some of the premium quality papers that are ideal for screen printing. This article will give you both the key features and downsides of each product. Just read on to know more!

1. 5 x 11 Inch Waterproof Inkjet Transparency Film for Silk Screen Printing

Every home screen printer enthusiast requires great transparency film to use for their silkscreen. This one from Gold-Up USA Inc. is sure to be high quality. Its waterproof design makes it perfect for silk screen printing.

More amazingly, this product works on popular printers such as Canon, HP, and Epson. Whether it is inkjet or LaserJet, it will certainly give you the same beautiful copies.

Aside from being very affordable, it also ensures high definition images, so you can expect sharper and vibrant colors. Much more, it dries up fast, thereby preventing it from smearing.

To get the best result, you must set your printers’ paper type to plain paper. Also, use standard quality printing to avoid having excessively moist outcome.

Perhaps, the only downside when using this paper is it’s difficult to determine printing side.

Some users complain that it is very cloudy; that’s why you need to make sure that you print on the rough side.

Anyhow, a test using wet fingertips can be done; if it feels tacky and leaves a mark, then that is the right side. Given all its amazing features, this drawback is offset. Whether you are new to silkscreen printing or run a screen printing business, this is the perfect product for you.


  • Affordable
  • High Quality
  • Sharp images
  • Doesn’t smudge
  • Dries up quickly


  • A finger dab is needed to determine the printing side

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2. Strathmore 433-11 400 Series Printmaking Pad Heavyweight 11x 14”

Every artist loves to share their works of art. One way to do this is by making multiple copies through printmaking. Without a doubt, a premium medium is required to preserve the sharp image of their work.

And one of the best mediums in printmaking is this heavyweight printmaking pad by Strathmore. Its thickness is just right for your purpose. The texture is relatively nice, allowing you to emphasize the design of the art.

Much more, it is also very absorbent therefore you can use a water-based or oil-based ink without worrying about smudges. The only weakness of this product is working with a taped border which gives out a clean edge. But this printmaking pad gets damaged easily when used with tape.

Despite that, it is ideal for your heavyweight paper needs. It is not only suited for silk screen printing, but also a perfect medium for lithography and intaglio.

So, if you are looking for lower-cost alternatives for your printing pad, then this product is ideal for you. It is affordable yet produces exquisite prints in high definition. Try it yourself and you will surely love it.


  • Heavyweight
  • Ideal thickness and texture
  • Highly absorbent
  • Affordable
  • Ensures quality print


  • Breaks easily when using tape on the borders

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3. Koala Waterproof Inkjet Sheets for Screen Printing

If you are looking for a flexible paper for your printing project, then this product is what you are looking for. Aside from silk screen printing, it is perfect for using on a wide range of applications.

You can use this in any inkjet printer without compatibility issues. Although it is recommended to use pigment ink, you will also get well-defined images using just regular ink. Just make sure that you are printing on the correct side to prevent ruining your outputs.

Since this product is waterproof, you can use water-based inks. Plus, it dries instantly thereby avoiding smudges. You can even print in high load ink images without worrying about mess on your print or printer.

Although it does not come with instructions, there are online videos that you can watch demonstrating the proper loading and use of this positive film. Also, the service center is always available when you need assistance.

This paper will surely give great value for your money. Whether you are new or a pro to silkscreen printing, it will let you produce beautiful results.

Given all of these features, there is no doubt why it is known as the best transparency paper for screen printing. So,  what are you waiting for? Get one and see for yourself.


  • Waterproof
  • Dries instantly
  • Compatible with all inkjet printers
  • May use regular ink
  • Great value for money


  • Does not come with an instruction manual

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4. Translucent Vellum Screen Printing Paper

For some, arts and crafts are entertaining hobbies while others make it for commercial business. Whatever the role of crafting is to you; it is important to only use quality materials; and that means that this product should be included in your list.

First off, it is versatile and produces superior outputs. This paper can be used for many purposes, from scrapbooking to silkscreen printing. It gives out a lovely finish, whether you write or print on it.

The smooth surface makes it ideal for laser and inkjet printers. You just have to check that the setting is set to transparencies to make sure that there will be no smudges. Also, allow drying time before touching the film because the toner might take a while to be fully absorbed.

In writing, you can use fountain pen ink. This paper will highlight your beautiful calligraphy. If your craft requires folding, cutting, or gluing, this paper is sturdy enough for all of it.

Yes, this product is ideal mostly for your silk screen printing project; but with the several uses of this paper, it is a great idea to always have one handy.


  • Laser and inkjet friendly
  • Excellent for silk screen printing, invitation cards, etc.
  • Best for tracing
  • Can be written on spontaneously
  • Produces great finish


  • Needs drying time

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5. CISinks 50 Sheet A4 100 micron Universal Inkjet Transparency Film

In silkscreen printing, making layers of colors to create an image is a challenge. You will need to detail each layer and carefully apply the colors.

Therefore, it is a requirement to use only the best paper to screen-print, especially when dealing with contrasting colors. Undoubtedly, this transparency film is ideal for printing in layers. It is water-resistant, thereby keeping paints from smearing. You will only need to print out each layer of your design.

With this film, printing using laser or inkjet is stress-free. You can always use standard ink without worrying about the quality of the output. Since it is very absorbent, you can print even with an increased load of ink.

Be sure to set the printer setting to transparencies for high-resolution output. However, this paper works best for black and white ink and does not give the same quality of print for colored designs.

Anyhow, given all the features of this unit, it is undeniably the best paper for silk screen printing and much more. With this, you can be sure that investing in one will be a great value for your money.


  • Water-resistant
  • Absorbs ink fast
  • Produces high-resolution prints
  • Can be used for overhead projector
  • Ideal for black and white ink


  • Minimum quality for colored prints

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6. Octago Inkjet Color Transparency Paper

High-quality printing with the best satisfaction is possible when working with the Octago transparency paper. You can make an excellent projection of the design in 100% transparent paper with a less exposure time range. The size of the documents is perfect for printing anything. Each of the papers is packaged with individual protection. No piece will be damaged before reaching you.

There are special coatings on the papers that help produce brilliant color projections with a sharp-edged finish. These transparent papers are refined and have well-arranged particles to create extra detailing to bloom every color of the design on the stencils. Working with these papers is easy even for beginners. It dries quickly. When the ink touches the pieces, it helps in drying the ink fast.

Almost all inkjet printers can work with these papers efficiently. The absence of the milky color reduces the burning time. It enables the pieces to be perfect for silk printing. The extraordinary quality enables these papers to recreate charts, graphs, texts, infographics, etc. You can directly work on them after printing. You can produce unique crafty projects through clear cars, window cards, scrapbooking, shaker cards, floating ornaments, lightboxes, etc.


  • Fast-drying feature
  • 100% transparent papers
  • Proper size
  • Special coatings


  • Sometimes, it tends to smudge a little

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7. WeLiu Clear Inkjet Transparency Films

Transparency is the main feature of screen printing papers. WeLiu comes with an addition to the best paper for screen printing that holds the material which is responsible for the highest transparency. Over the transparency papers, PET tablets can process the pieces to be 100% transparent. The thickness, size of the paper, and the packaging arrangement are so perfect that it makes it easy to work.

There are many fields to work with these papers. These can work for versatile purposes, including slide projection, printing plate, aero scope, mapping, electronic fixture printing film, etc. Whatever transparent screen-printing platform you need, you can make them using these papers. The most impressive features of these papers are fade-resistance, anti-light, aging-proof, crimp-resistance, fold-resistance, skid-resistance. So, you can make a piece that long-lasting and refined.

These papers also dry faster and make a smooth printed piece within a minute after printing. So, all you have to do is that you have to print on a non-smooth surface as the ink does not set on a smooth surface correctly. So, print on the coated surface of the transparency papers.


  • 100% clear Transparent
  • Versatile application options
  • Anti-fold, water-resistant, and fade-resistant
  • Fast-drying option


  • Need to coat the surface before printing

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8. GOLUPUSA Silk Screen Printing Transparency Papers

You have to buy different transparency films for another ink type. GOLDUPUSA brings the transparency papers to use for both the ink type. It blossoms the dye ink and pigment ink similarly. It is the expert paper quality to project the professional designs. You can print the mappings, drawings, slide projections, etc. There is PET materials base on the papers. It makes the pieces anti-static and curl-proof. Registration marks are an essential part of screening print precisely. So you can make the registration marks perfectly in the right place.

100% accurate dot placement is ensured in every printing project. For making an artistic line presentation, you can do every step finely. These papers are an excellent addition to silkscreen printing. If you have printing projects with high page coverage, not all transparency papers can work correctly. GOLDUPUSA can do the best artwork with a high ink load capacity. The ink will dry up instantly within a minute. The output is precisely water-proof and fade-resistant. You can present your designs or printed pieces anywhere, and it will stay as it is.


  • Water-resistant output
  • Precise dot and line placement
  • Compatible with major printer brands
  • Can take high ink load


  • Not suitable for digital photo negatives

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9. Ecotex Premium Screen-Printing Transparency Paper

Ecotex transparency films are the most durable and subtle papers. The quality and PET material are perfect for the best line definition, accuracy or dot placement, and sharpness. As the pieces are transparent, it naturally gets some yellowish accent over time. Ecotex films possess anti-yellowing technology to assure the best output for an extended period. You can make nice detailing in your design, and it will be perfectly projected on the films.

These transparency films are the correct choice for photography as these papers have a top coating with microporous nature. These coatings help in achieving the dark, sharp, clean image printing on the papers. These films will set the image on the fabric or other medium in an exact way. The nature of the films is like that you can reuse them several times. This feature makes them cost-effective.

There are many sizes of transparency films available from this brand. You will find papers in both sheets and roles forms. Whatever form is suitable for your works, you can get them and smoothly do your job.


  • Highly durable
  • Microporous coated for the best photo prints
  • Instant drying option
  • Anti-curl effects
  • Reuse possible


  • Haziness occurs sometimes

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10. Octago Inkjet Color Transparency Films

Do you want to screen print your t-shirt? First, you have to choose the best transparency films to screen print the fabric of your t-shirt. Go with Octago inkjet transparency papers. They offer papers with extraordinary coats that absorb ink to let it fit nicely on a paper surface. You will need less ink for the high absorption power of the paper. It also helps in blooming the design’s colors on the fabric or glass or ceramic, or others. The anti-curling feature of the papers ensures that you can set the design on the surface easily without any misplacing.

These papers are also water-proof with a slight milky coating. The ink will not smudge at all. When you see the printed copies, you will be amazed at the smoothness of the paper. Beginners will like to have these papers for ease of use. These papers can work with all the standard inkjet printer brands. If you are planning to print letters or sentences or numbers with black colors, these transparencies will nicely project it on the fabric or other print medium. Published notes will be darkest and sharp.


  • Dark-colored presentation of letters
  • Water-proof printing quality
  • Anti-smudge ink projection
  • Instant drying option


  • Ink may smear a little

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11. GOLDUPUSA High-Quality Screen-Printing Paper

GOLDUPUSA brings excellent water-proof transparency papers to ease your work. Screen printing seems challenging for beginners to some extent. However, when the pieces are so supportive, a beginner can be an expert within less time. It is possible to make perfect lines with high-resolution dots presentation on these transparencies. The anti-static nature of the films makes them safe and secure to use anytime anyhow.

Professionals have to make designs with high-detailing and more color use. These transparency papers allow making every type of design correctly. Whatever page coverage is in your designs, you can make it perfect. These papers can take high ink loads that help to use the ink cost-effectively. Do as much printing as you want or how many colors you want to use, can use. These papers will support you in every step. The opacity rate is great to make a fine finish of the design or patterns.

If you have an HP printer or Canon printer, or Epson printer, these transparencies are precisely proper. You need to work using dye ink or pigment ink; each ink is suitable for the transparencies. So, less worry, more work with these transparent papers.


  • Anti-curl and anti-static papers
  • PET material made films
  • Light milky finish
  • High ink loading ability


  • A little hazy

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12. A-SUB Large Format Screen Printing Films

When you have loads of screen-printing jobs, you can perform the best using the A-SUB transparencies. These films enable to work fast. They absorb the ink quickly and dry the ink fast. So, you can create your transparencies ready at the lowest time. On the films, there are 5-millimeter-thick PET bases to make long-lasting ink placing. As a result, you can make highly flat transparencies that cannot disturb the balance of the paper when placing it on the fabric or other surfaces.

If you want to print images, these papers are one significant addition to the best paper for screen printing. These papers can take high ink loads, and you can make clean and dark images. Every color presentation is clean, clear, and sharp. Many beginners find it hard to point out the printing side of the paper. These papers are easy to find on the printed side.

The light milky finish makes the smoother printing platform transfer on fabric, glass, ceramic, etc. So, all these features make it possible to work on high-load projects, PCB printing, and offset printing.


  • High-density ink absorption
  • PET base for the best screen exposure
  • Anti-curl, anti-static, and consistent positive papers
  • High load capacity


  • Ink can smear

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How to Use Paper for Screen Printing

Here are the steps that you need to take in printing on transparency films for screen printing to avoid faulty prints:

  • Step 1: Editing the Image

Before printing your desired design to print, make sure that it is converted to black and white. There are various computer softwares that you can use to do this. Note that it is not advisable to use an actual grayscale image for screen printing.

  • Step 2: Prep for Printing

Now that your design is successfully edited to black and white, you can insert it to a word document. This will allow you to print the image on the size that fits the paper. Make sure that the design is not pixelated because otherwise it will appear on your print.

  • Step 3: Identifying the Printing Side

The surfaces of transparent films are almost the same. To identify the printing side, you can either feel it or test it. The printing side is always the rough or the toothed side of the paper. However, sometimes it is difficult to determine.

You can perform a finger dab test instead. Just wet your finger and dab it to a small corner of the paper. If it is sticky and leaves a mark that is the right side.

  • Step 4: Printer Setting

To get the best quality print, set your printer to the highest quality. Sometimes you can print using a plain paper setting but other devices require it to be set to transparencies or specialty papers for better outcomes.

  • Step 5: Print

Print your image and allow it to dry. This will prevent the toner from smudging the paper.


Final Words

Be creative and productive using only the most excellent papers for your silk screen printing project. Whichever product you choose from our list will surely give you the outcome that you desire. Remember, you deserve to have only the best units for your work.

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